Heroes of the Storm – Blizzard reinvents gaming

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Heroes of the Storm is a different kind of MOBA, one that most likely will divide the community of players in the near future. The history of MOBA games largely overlaps with the history of Blizzard.

Blizzard is a company that has always preferred simplicity, so for this reason it has eliminated some of the classic elements of MOBA titles, adding new ones. The result is an extremely interesting games that seems designed not for hardcore community, but for people who haven’t tried League of Legends or DOTA. Thus, Heroes of the Storm has divided the community, but players seem to like this change.

At first, Heroes of the Storm does not seem to be very different. Each team has five players and most maps, except one, has three colors where you can advance towards the enemy base. Each member of the team chooses one character with whom will start from the base. In the center of the base is a main structure that needs to be guarded by enemy attacks. Once destroyed, the environment will end and the attacking team will be declared the winner.

Of course, this building is protected from many others surrounding structures, and consistently will be created computer controlled units, which will help in confrontations with enemies. At the beginning of each match the character that you choose will start from level one, but over time, he will progress and become stronger. All benefit from thee standards skills and one “ultimate”, the latter is available less often than the other three.

But the most interesting things about Heroes of the Storm is probably the need to leave the corridor from time to time. Each map that you will play on will give you different objectives. If you accomplish them, you will receive help in various ways. For example, on Sky Temple map at a certain time, players will be able to enter an area where they will compete with guards. If they defeat those, the main building of the temple will begin to attack via a laser, the structures inside the enemy base.

Besides that will affect you base, it can significantly limit the ability to regenerate, because of the potions were replaced by so-called “healing wells”. Sky Temple is just one of the maps. In other situation, you will need to collect items to get extremely strong characters who will help you to progress. After several defeats at the beginning, you will notice the importance of leaving the route occasionally to prevent fatal situation where an enemy wins the map.

Blizzard manages to open MOBA universe by keeping important characteristics and eliminating others. Each one offers a different experience with the heroes and those who have played in the past Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft are probably already familiar with their abilities. The pace is brisk, the graphics are very good and in-game effects are successful. Probably LOL and DOTA fans will not appreciate some elements, but with some improvements in the future could become a significant rival for them.